My Ideas

So far, I have come up with a basic design that I might build upon in the future. I am planning to build a robotic claw out of various materials and test how those materials affect the efficiancy of the claw. I will test the effeciancy by counting the amount of dice I can get it to pick up in one minute and/or testing how much weight it can carry. I also may test the strengh of the claw/how tight its grip is or its ability to pick up slipery/rough items.

Stuff I might need:

	  I am planning use my arduino to program the robot. Well, it realy isn't and arduino, but
	  it is very similar and compatible with the actually Arduino stuff. Here is a picture of 
	  my Uno board:
	If you want to find out more about any of the above materials (except cardboard), just click on them.